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Tribal Museum in Nagaland

History of Khezhakeno Village Phek.

The village is situated to the east of the State Capital Kohima, 47 km away and 40 km from Kisama. It is the oldest Naga village also called as “The Ancestral Home of the Nagas”, believed to be the originating place of many of the southern Naga tribes from where further migrations into the wild had begun. Legends speak of a slab of stone in this village, which was supposed to multiply paddy when spread over it for drying. This stone is popularly known a Spirit Stone and is still preserved. The village has many historical remnants. The village also has the beautiful Chida lake where many people from within and outside the district come for retreat, picnic, site seeing etc. During the Hornbill festival the spot is being organized in the name as People’s festival. Mentioned may be also made that many tourist from abroad come to visit the village.

Shilloi Lake:

Also known as the Lachem Lake, lies on the lower slopes of the hill ranges running along the Myanmar borders. Spread over 0.25 to 0.30 sq. km., the lake has the shape of a footprint. The lake is believed to be the abode of spirits. The water is dark grey, perhaps because of the large amount of silt, adding to the mystery

Culture & Traditions:

The Chakhesangs and Pochurys are known for their rich cultures and traditions. There are a varieties of traditional attires and ornaments. The melodies folk songs and the lively folk dances are feast for the ears and eyes. The people are experts’ craftsman and excel in making pots, baskets, sculptures and furniture. The societies is patrimonial but women enjoy a high status in their families. The customary laws are unwritten but practice by all villages. These laws are binding to members of the society and were passed on from generation to generation by the word of mouth. The elderly people of the village decide and passed judgment on disputes and matters concerning the village.

Press Release

The Tribal Museum Khezhakeno will be inaugurated by Smti. Zeneikhonuo Vimero Additional Deputy Commissioner Pfutsero, Phek District as the special guest on 7th June 2019 at 12.00 Noon. The program will be led by Mr. Joshua Koza, the invocation will be pronounced by Mr. M. Khupo Koza, Senior Pastor KBC. Mr. S. Kepfelhou Ladu, VCC Khezhakeno will give short speech. The significance of museum will be highlighted by Mr. Ezekiel Koza, Chairman of Charity Welfare Society. The chairman of Charity Welfare Society has invited different Tribal and District Museum constructed by different NGOs of Nagaland to attend the inaugural function of Tribal Museum of Khezhakeno. The Tribal Museum is opening all the working day time 10.00Am to 3.30 PM except Sunday Thanking You

(Ezekiel Koza)
Chairman CWS